Whether the family is displaced due to flood or fire, or if you need temporary housing, Covenant Cove Community will work with your company to provide safe, comfortable housing. We coordinate with the displaced family and corporations to customize housing packages based on preferences, taking into account the needs of the family.



We work with employees and individuals to accommodate temporary housing needs. Our goal, at Covenant Cove Community, is to make the family as comfortable as possible. We are available to assist around the clock, seven days a week. Temporary/emergency housing in our community offers families many conveniences and benefits, including:

All short-term rentals include:

• Fully furnished homes, rental or personalized furniture

• Rates can include housewares and utilities

• 24-hour customer emergency service

• Maid service can be made available for additional costs.

• Direct payment accepted from the insurance company, corporations and employers

• Leases can range from 30 days to a year or more

• Payment can be directly accepted from the insurance or employer’s company

• Two car garages

• Open floor plan

• Spacious bedrooms

• Custom kitchens

• Two full bathrooms

• Security system available

Only 51-families live in our community.